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Prefetching Queries

nuxt-kql allows you to prefetch custom queries at build-time (during development and in production), recommended for infrequently changing data to increase performance in production. You can prefetch as many queries as you like. The query results as well as their TypeScript type will be importable from #build/kql.

To get started, define a key for your query as well as the actual query request. Let's use site as an example key and fetch the site title solely:

// `nuxt.config.ts`
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['nuxt-kql'],

  kql: {
    // Prefetch queries at build-time
    prefetch: {
      // Define key and query
      site: {
        query: 'site',
        select: ['title']

When running your dev or build command, the site query result will be fetched, stored locally and the time spent on the request(s) logged.

ℹ Prefetched site KQL query in 170ms

Finally, the query result will be importable from #build/kql:

// Import the query result following the query's given name in `nuxt.config.ts`
import { site } from '#build/kql'

// Import the type for the query result above
import type { Site } from '#build/kql'


The actual type for the key will be pascal cased, e.g. the key somePageKey will result in the type SomePageKey.

Released under the MIT License.